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E-Book: 7 Ways to Teach Kids Self-Love

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My latest teaching "7 Ways to Teach Kids Self-Love" offers parents guidance on how to teach their kids to love and be true to themselves. Parents will learn how to foster in their children a deep sense of self-worth, self-confidence, a positive self-image, and a gratitude mindset resulting in children who are:

  • Secure in who they are, that they have value, and that they are loved and supported
  • Able to show gratitude, even in life's simple pleasures
  • Show joyful enthusiasm and contentment in daily life
  • Confident in their abilities to successfully pursue their dreams
  • Possess a love of learning and boldness in their pursuit of self-discovery
  • Take pleasure in showing kindness and gentleness to others
  • Show heart-felt empathy and an ability to lovingly relate to others

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